My offer for the OnDeck No-Code Fellowship — Transcript

So I made it into the on deck, no-code fellowship. What does that mean for me? What is that and what’s next for this channel?

What is up guys! This is Dominic from Nebula, and welcome back to another video. As I said, I’m super super excited to announce that I have been accepted in the o -deck no-code fellowship had an amazing call with the program director the other week and really hit it off. And really, I fell for the first time in a long time since I didn’t really enjoy it — the four years of education in the classroom at university, it really sparked my learning in this court and really sparked my enthusiasm for what can actually be possible with this channel and what value I can actually push out to you and to the rest of the community.

So the fellowship is fully remote and it kicks off on January the 16th next year. Hopefully, a start to a fantastic year and a fantastic year of growth for this channel as well. So I’m just going to go through the web page here for the on-deck no-code fellowship. Now, what I’ll be doing is joining a community building in public and launching a capstone project, which is what they call it, within 10 weeks. And you can see some of the special guests that are featured. We’ve got Ryan Hoover from Product Hunt, and Ben Tossell from Makerpad, Sahil from Gumroad, and just absolutely fantastic people. And I’m super super excited to join other participants in this first cohort already, people who have got things out there and already established in the no-code industry.

So at this point, you might be asking — ok, what is no-code? Well, it is essentially for people like me who are non-technical, i.e. don’t know how to code but want to build things online. And there are lots of different tools out there to go ahead and do it. If you’ve seen some of the previous videos, we’ve used Carrd as website builder, we’ve used Canva for graphic design, we’ve used Zapier to link applications together, without needing the need for code. And so, that really is my route. And I know for a lot of you watching as well, you’re not massive coders or you’re not coders at all, but you want to start an online business and you want to build digital products which have recurring revenue, and no-code really is the way to do that.

Next up on the program, we have hone your no-code skills, a structured library of content, regular office hours with experts from these top tools, Bubble, Webflow, Glide, deep-dive sessions and as I say, launch a capstone project. And my initial thoughts of that, which obviously will get refined by speaking to the community, speaking to the team on this program — is to create a community around really being the go-to place for testing out all of these no-code tools and more specifically, how to link them together into structured business workflows that actually scale and actually do things for your online business rather than just separated no-code tools which are cool to use. But how do you actually link them together and actually build a business using these tools and figuring out the best ones for that. So what can I expect, is to validate an idea, launched the business, build in public, automate workflows, office hours and supportive community.

OnDeck as a whole, really has a great reputation in the start-up industry in general. VCs, founders, writers, podcasters, scale, OnDeck really has a lot of different programs out there. They started in [June] last year, I believe, [June] 2019 and here we are in November 2020, they’ve launched a no-code program, which I feel is perfect for me and is going to help take my content and my value to you to the next level. So, that’s what to expect. It’s a fully remote program, as I say, and I just can’t wait to get started. It really has ignited a fire inside of me that, we really can start building these digital products, and I want to do that while sharing the whole process with you.

So make sure to be subscribed! If you want to see up and coming updates of kind of what I’m learning or basically what I’m putting into practice from what I’m learning, which is the most important thing. So do make sure to subscribe, like this video. If you want to encourage me and share it with your friends if you want others to get value from future videos about building digital products and with this no-code community. So there we have it. I’m super excited! Thank you very much for watching. And I’ll catch up with you soon!




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